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What skip do I need for my industry?

Posted on 5 December 2019

If your business carries out building, demolition or maintenance work, then you will produce a large amount of waste or rubbish from each project. Hiring a skip can take the pressure off you, save time and effort, and ensure a clean and safe site. To ensure you choose the right size skip for your industry, we have compiled all the information you need. 


Benefits of using an eco-friendly commercial skip

A large proportion of the items disposed of during demolition, renovation or construction are reusable, such as building materials like wood and metal. So with the ‘zero to landfill’ policy we follow at Beta Skips, you can be sure the rubbish you are getting rid of is being sorted and recycled appropriately for you. This process reduces the amount of waste entering landfill, as the materials are disposed of in the correct way. This means you don’t have to waste valuable time removing rubbish from your building or demolition site, and can rest assured it is being taken care of in an eco-friendly and safe manner. 


Industry types


Home/garden renovation:

Skip size needed: 8 cubic yard builder’s skip

Skips are essential for carrying out successful landscaping or home renovation projects, whether you are completing a kitchen installation or refurbishing a whole house. You will need to remove waste such as soil, rocks, uprooted trees or shrubbery for landscaping projects, and home renovations can generate large amounts of bricks, timber, and rubble. In order to have these safely and efficiently removed from the site, a large skip is the best choice.

Home Extension Domestic Skip Hire



Skip size needed: 4 or 6 cubic yard midi skip or an 8 cubic yard builder’s skip 

The size of the skip depends on the scale of the project, because if you are completing large-scale construction projects for schools, shopping centres, or warehouses, then you may need the larger skip. For carrying out smaller works a 4 or 6 cubic yard skip will have plenty of room for your surplus building materials. 




Skip size needed: 4 or 6 cubic yard midi skip or an 8 cubic yard builder’s skip 

Similar to the construction industry, the type of skip you need depends on the size of the project. If a large section of a building is being demolished with the need for a crane and wrecking ball, then the larger skip is the best way to go. If a single wall or a little building is being demolished then a small skip would be suitable. 

Skip Hire Rotherham



Skip size needed: 4 or 6 cubic yard midi skip

If you are a tradesperson, like a plumber or an electrician, who completes maintenance works, you will only need a small skip. It is still beneficial to invest in one, as then you don’t need to worry about all the rubbish you produce from the project. Also, the client will be pleased with a clean house and the efficient removal of the skip. 

commercial skip hire Rotherham



Skip size needed: 20-40 cubic yard, roll on roll off skip

Roll on roll off skips are perfectly designed for removal companies, as you will need the biggest skip possible for your large-scale clearance projects. These skips can carry huge amounts of general, mixed, non-hazardous waste, such as soil, concrete, bricks, timber and plastics. 



Beta Skips are a leading skip hire company with a variety of commercial skips for you to choose from, so you are sure to find the right skip for your business. We operate throughout Rotherham, Barnsley and Mexborough, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff today.

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