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Make the most of your skip: a guide to proper waste disposal

Posted on 31 July 2019

When moving house or renovating, a skip bin can be incredibly useful to dispose of large amounts of waste, but when you invest in a skip it is important to learn how to use it correctly first.


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Why is it important to load your skip properly? 

It might seem ridiculous that there is a right way to load a skip, when everything in it will end up in the rubbish tip. However, it has great benefits for you as well as for general health and safety. By learning how to efficiently load the skip you can save time, and maximise space, therefore making sure you get value for money. If your skip isn’t loaded in an organised manner then you will not utilise its full capacity, which may encourage you to overload it, and skip hire companies don’t accept overloaded skips. Correct use of the skip is crucial because it keeps you, and the people that unload the skip, out of harm’s way. So don’t add any unsafe items and avoid loading them in awkward positions where they could fall on someone or cut them.  


How to load your skip correctly:

To ensure you utilise the space in your skip, it is wise to plan the way you will load items. It won’t be helpful to throw items into the skip all higgledy-piggledy. Instead, load flat items such as planks of wood into the bottom, then pack bulky, heavy things on top, and lastly, spread light stuff around so it fills in all the cracks. It is also worth considering if you have any items which can be recycled, as this would mean you don’t have to pay to have them removed. Glass, cardboard, plastic and paper are all recyclable, and it won’t just help your pocket, you’ll be looking after the environment too! 


What can’t you put in your skip?

  • Batteries: cannot be added because they contain harmful chemicals, and have to be recycled using a special collection box
  • Asbestos: is an incredibly hazardous substance and must be removed by a professional
  • Electric appliances: such as fridges, freezers, televisions, and computers, contain toxic substances and have to be taken to a specific facility
  • Tyres: they are a fire risk, and if they burn it causes toxic smoke. Tyres are accepted by some garages, or are also recyclable
  • Medical waste: it can be hazardous for the person who empties the skip and has to have specialist disposal
  • Gas bottles: skip companies are not licensed to dispose of them, as there might be residual gas
  • Paint, solvents, and fuel: they all contain combustible, hazardous chemicals and must be taken to a licensed disposal centre
  • Fluorescent light bulbs: these bulbs are full of mercury, which is very dangerous, and you must take them to a recycling centre


What can you put in your skip?

Usually as long as the item isn’t hazardous, or listed above, then it can go into the skip. Items which can be included are those such as wood, soil, furniture, cardboard, garden waste, bricks, and much more. 


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