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What is the difference between domestic skips and commercial skips? [ Infographic ]

Posted on 5 June 2023

Hiring a skip is a fantastic way to dispose of all kinds of rubbish. Whether you’re clearing out your attic, renovating your kitchen or carrying out a big commercial building or demolition project, a skip can allow you to get rid of everything from paper and cardboard to metal, wood, bricks and garden waste. 

If you’re wondering what is the difference between domestic and commercial skips, you’re not alone. This is one of the most common questions people ask us here at Beta Skips. Read on to find out the answer. 

What is the difference between domestic skips and commercial skips

4 key differences between domestic and commercial skips

With both domestic and commercial skips available to hire, you may be unsure which is right for your needs. To get a better idea of which type of skip to choose for your project, keep reading to learn the key differences between the two types.  

Skip size

When people ask us what is the difference between domestic skips and commercial skips, we always mention size. Commercial skips tend to be much larger than domestic skips. This is because rubbish disposal needs in commercial environments are generally much bigger due to these projects producing more waste. For example, many people use our commercial skips for construction and demolition projects to get rid of building materials and for shop refits to dispose of old stock. Domestic projects normally generate much less waste, making smaller skips more appropriate. 

At Beta Skips, we offer a range of commercial skips up to 30-40 yards in size. This allows for a huge amount of rubbish to be disposed of. Our biggest skips include Roll On Roll Off skips along with enclosed skips and compactor skips. Projects of all sizes can be catered to with our commercial skips. If you’re hiring a skip for a commercial project, don’t try and save money by opting for a cheaper domestic skip. You’ll risk overfilling it if you have too much waste to get rid of, which can incur extra costs or you may even need to hire a second skip as a result.  

Skip usageSkip hire in Rotherham

Another big difference between domestic and commercial skips is usage. These two types of skips tend to be used in different ways. Domestic skips are normally used at home to get rid of rubbish produced by attic, garage or garden clearance, or even small kitchen or renovation projects. 

Commercial skips tend to be a better option for bigger jobs that produce more rubbish. They’re ideal for use on building sites to get rid of large quantities of bricks, concrete and soil. Many people hire them for office moves to allow them to get rid of old furniture easily or to clear out old stock. Keep in mind that there’s nothing to stop you from using a domestic skip for a commercial skip if you don’t expect your project to generate much rubbish. 

Skip permits 

For domestic skips in Rotherham, permits are often not necessary. This is because they’re usually placed on private property such as an individual’s driveway or in their garden. Permission from the local council isn’t needed for this. However, because commercial skips tend to be placed on roads and pavements, it’s usually necessary to obtain a permit.  

If you require permission for a skip, it’s a good idea to apply for this as soon as possible. This is because it can take some time, and you won’t be able to begin your project until you have it. Don’t risk asking a company to deliver a skip until you have permission from the council as this can result in a hefty fine.

Domestic Skip hire in rotherham

Skip hire prices

A big difference between domestic and commercial skips is price. Since commercial skips are larger, they normally cost more. For example, a huge compactor or Roll on Roll off skip will cost you a lot more than a three or four-yard mini skip. You may think you’ll save money by opting for a small skip because it will be cheaper, however, this may not always be the case. That’s because you may overfill it if your rubbish exceeds the size of the size, resulting in extra costs to get rid of the excess waste. 

We always advise hiring a bigger skip than you think you’ll need. If you’re not sure what size skip is right for your project, don’t hesitate to talk to our team. We’re on hand to provide the advice you need and assist you in choosing the most suitable skip for your rubbish removal requirements. 

Commercial and domestic skips in Rotherham

At Beta Skips, we supply both commercial and domestic skips in Rotherham. Available in a wide range of sizes, we can cater to the rubbish disposal demands of various projects. We can deliver your skip to your site promptly, often the same or the next day if possible. This allows you to start getting rid of waste right away. If you require assistance with obtaining a skip permit for your project, we’re more than happy to help with this too, liaising with the council to get the permission you need. We’re well-known for our competitive prices too, providing a real value-for-money service to our customers. 

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Now you know what is the difference between domestic skips and commercial skips, you may be looking to order a skip. For commercial or domestic skips in Rotherham, get in touch with our friendly team today. You can reach us by telephoning us on 01709 645038 or by sending a message via the website. We are available to discuss your rubbish disposal needs with you and arrange for a skip to be delivered to your site as soon as possible. 

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