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How much does a skip hold?

Posted on 2 May 2023

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Beta Skips is “How much does a skip hold?” The answer is, it depends. We have skips in various sizes, with the larger skips in our range naturally holding more than those that are smaller. Read on to find out how much waste mini, midi and maxi skips hold.  

Mini skips

One of the most common mini skips measures 4 cubic yards. With a width of 1.29m, height of 0.97m and length of 1.83m. This skip holds around 4 tonnes of waste, which is the equivalent of 30-40 bin bags or 12 wheelie bins. A mini skip is ideal for smaller rubbish removal projects at home, including minor renovation work, bathroom or kitchen refits, garden clearances or even just seasonal clearouts.

Midi skipsSkip Hire in Barnsley

A midi skip measures 6 cubic yards and is best for larger domestic projects which are likely to produce bigger quantities of waste. They tend to have a width 1.52m, a height 1.22m, and a length of 2.6m. They hold around 6 tonnes or 50-60 bin bags of rubbish. 

Maxi skips

Beta Skips is one of the leading suppliers of maxi skips in Rotherham and the surrounding areas. A maxi skip, which can also be referred to as a builders skip, has a width 1.68m, a height of 1.22m and a length of 3.66m. It has a capacity of 8 cubic yards. Which roughly equates to 90 bin bags of waste. 

Maxi skips can be used for both domestic and commercial projects. Although they’re most commonly used by businesses. Maxi skips are ideal for large and bulky waste removal. Making them best suited to construction projects, house clearances, shop and office refurbs and large garden clearances.

RORO skips

RORO skips are the ideal choice if you need to dispose of a substantial quantity of commercial or industrial waste. Roll On Roll Off skips are essentially huge waste containers that can be rolled on and then off a transport truck. This method allows them to be much bigger and carry much more waste than other types of skips. RORO skips come in various sizes up to around 40 cubic yards. A 40-yard skip can hold up to approximately 35 tonnes.

Choosing the right size skip

Take some time to think about what size skip you need. A skip that’s too small means you’ll have waste left over and so you may need to order another skip. A skip that’s too big is an unnecessary expense and will take up excessive space on your site for no reason. At Beta Skips, we can help you to choose the right size skip for your project. We usually recommend opting for a skip that’s slightly larger than you think you will need. This means you’ll be less likely to overfill it. 

Overfilling a skip should be avoided at all costs since the lorry driver who is meant to be collecting it could refuse to take it. This is because it may exceed weight restrictions as a result and could even cause damage to the lorry. If you do overfill a skip, you’re likely to have to pay extra to have the additional waste removed.  

Skip Hire in MexboroughHow to fill a skip properly 

It can be tempting to just chuck all your rubbish in when loading a skip, especially if you’re in a rush. However, if you want to fit in as much as possible without overloading it, you’ll need to ensure you fill it properly. Firstly, you’ll need to place the flatter or heavier items on the bottom of the skip. This could include items such as radiators, doors, fences and old flooring as well as concrete and bricks. If you have sheets of glass to dispose of, it’s usually best to lean these against the side. This will help them to stay in one piece. 

When filling your skip, try to place the rubbish in carefully, making sure all gaps are filled. This will prevent space from being wasted and allow you to fit more waste in. If you’re not sure how best to fill a skip, don’t hesitate to speak to our team. We’re on hand to provide you with the expert advice that you need. 

Commercial and domestic skips in Rotherham 

Now you know how much does a skip hold, you may be looking to hire our services. We have skips in a full range of sizes, allowing us to cater to your domestic or commercial waste disposal needs. Our mini skips are ideal for those smaller residential rubbish clearances whilst our maxi and RORO skips are better suited to the needs of businesses. Construction and industrial projects are common reasons to hire big commercial skips in Rotherham. 

At Beta Skips, we can offer same or next-day skip hire in most cases. This allows you to begin disposing of rubbish right away. If you do need to obtain a skip permit beforehand, we can help you to do this. Our team can liaise with your local council on your behalf. We aim to make skip hire easier and more convenient than ever, working with many domestic and commercial customers throughout the South Yorkshire region. We’ve built up a great reputation in Rotherham and the surrounding areas over the years, becoming well-known for our professional and affordable skip hire services.

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