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What are commercial skips used for?

Posted on 5 October 2023

Commercial skips are specifically designed to be used by businesses in various industries. Including construction and demolition, events, and landscaping and gardening. If you’re not sure whether or not you need this type of waste container for your project, read on. We’ve taken a closer look at what are commercial skips used for. 

5 common uses for commercial skipsSkip Sizes in Rotherham

They are ideal for getting rid of many different types of waste, ranging from bricks and rubble from building sites to rubbish generated at events such as festivals. Reputable skip hire companies aim to recycle as much waste as possible, helping to limit the amount that ends up in landfills. Keep reading to learn what are commercial skips used for. 

Construction and demolition waste 

One of the most common uses for commercial skips is for disposing of construction and demolition waste. Commercial skips are often used on building sites where properties are being constructed or torn down. They can make it easier to get rid of debris from these projects, including concrete, bricks, metal, wood and other construction materials. 

Commercial skips can help to keep the site organised and safe, helping to prevent accidents from occurring. Using a commercial skip streamlines waste removal and disposal by eliminating the need for frequent trips to local landfills or waste disposal facilities, saving time for construction crews.

Routine commercial waste 

Commercial properties, including office buildings and shopping centres, often use commercial skips for routine waste disposal. They can accommodate practically all types of general waste, including paper cardboard and packaging materials. Having a commercial skip on site allows businesses to dispose of large quantities of waste in a highly convenient and eco-friendly manner. Many different businesses can benefit from hiring commercial skips in Rotherham. 

Retail waste 

Commercial skips are often used in the retail sector. Shops generate various types of waste that need to be properly managed and disposed of. Retailers receive shipments of goods in cardboard boxes, which means they create a significant amount of packaging waste. Commercial skips can allow staff to collect and dispose of this cardboard and packaging material efficiently. Seasonal sales and inventory changes in stores tend to lead to increased waste production, requiring extra waste disposal capacity. Skips may also be necessary for shop refits, particularly for projects that involve substantial demolition, removal of fixtures, and the installation of new materials. 

Hospitality waste 

Hospitality venues like hotels and restaurants often require skips to aid with waste removal. Hotels generate general waste from their day-to-day operations, including paper, plastics, and other materials, and their rubbish disposal needs increase dramatically when hosting special events such as weddings. 

Restaurants have significant waste disposal requirements. Not only do they need to get rid of food waste, including spoiled or expired food items, but also large amounts of packaging materials. Proper waste management is crucial for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in a restaurant. A skip helps prevent waste from piling up in bins or overflowing, reducing the risk of pests and odours associated with poor waste management.

Landscaping and gardening waste

Professional landscapers and gardeners sometimes use commercial skips, particularly for large-scale projects that generate a lot of bulky green waste such as trees and shrubs. Commercial skips allow for the highly efficient disposal of green waste, including grass clippings, branches, leaves, and other organic materials. These businesses may also need to dispose of larger items like old outdoor furniture, fencing, or garden structures. Commercial skips can handle these items efficiently.

Skip Hire in RotherhamCommercial skips in Rotherham 

Now you know what are commercial skips used for, you may be looking to hire our services. At Beta Skips, we supply a range of commercial skips in Rotherham. Whether you need a 6 or 8-yard skip for an office clearout or a huge 30-40-yard skip for a big construction project, we can assist. We offer both open and closed containers to meet your needs. 

Our team are more than happy to assist with a skip permit if required too. You’ll need to obtain a permit from the local council if you plan on storing a commercial skip on public property such as a road or pavement. We’ll aim to acquire the permit as soon as we can so that you can begin your project without delay.

All types and sizes of commercial skips

Our commercial skips come in various types and sizes to accommodate different waste disposal needs. Which is right for you will depend on a number of factors, including the type of waste generated, the volume of waste, and the specific requirements of your project. For large commercial projects, a Roll-On-Roll-Off (RORO )skip is a good choice. A RORO skip is a large, rectangular container with an open top and no lid. These skips are common on construction sites and for other large-scale waste disposal needs. They come in various sizes, including 10-yard, 20-yard, 30-yard, and 40-yard options.

We can also offer compactor skips, which have built-in compactors that crush and compress waste materials to maximise capacity. They are suitable for businesses with high waste volumes and limited space. Our enclosed skips, which have lids that can be closed to secure the contents, are a popular option for projects where waste containment or protection from the elements is important. We’re on hand to provide expert advice on choosing the right commercial skip for your project.

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