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How to declutter your home

Posted on 4 September 2023

Is clutter starting to take over your home? If so, you’re not alone. Clutter is a problem for many people, particularly those with busy lifestyles or who have minimal storage space. Whilst clutter can be seen as harmless, if left unaddressed, it can start to negatively impact your well-being and quality of life. Read on to find out how to declutter your home.  

8 top tips for decluttering your home

Set goals

Decide what you want to achieve by decluttering your home. Set specific, realistic goals for each area you want to declutter. Perhaps you want to create a clutter-free kitchen so that preparing and cooking meals is more enjoyable, or declutter your bedroom to create a more relaxing environment to promote better quality sleep.  

Start small Cheap Skips In Barnsley

Starting small is often the key when it comes to knowing how to declutter your home. Begin with a small area, such as a cupboard or even just a drawer. Clearing this area of clutter will provide you with a sense of achievement and motivate you to move on to larger spaces. 

Declutter in stages 

Decluttering your entire home all at once can be overwhelming, not to mention time-consuming. Therefore, it makes sense to take a phased approach to the task. By breaking the process into stages, you can tackle one area at a time, making it much more manageable. Decluttering your home in stages means you’ll stay more focused and be more able to make thoughtful decisions on what to keep, donate, sell or throw away. Allocate a specific amount of time to declutter each day or week and do not go over this. 

Categorise your clutter 

Categorising is the next step in the decluttering process. This involves sorting the items into categories – keep, donate, sell, recycle and rubbish. Be honest with yourself about which items you really need to keep. Think about whether you use them regularly and if they add value to your life. If the answer is no, it’s best to donate, sell or throw them away so that you can free up valuable space in your home. 

Be ruthless 

You need to be ruthless when decluttering your home. This means making tough choices about what to keep or toss. Whilst it may feel challenging, taking a ruthless approach can bring various benefits. Not only can it reduce clutter and make your home more organised but it can maximise space, allowing you to utilise your living space more effectively. Remember that being ruthless doesn’t mean you need to get rid of everything. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep sentimental items that you genuinely love and that bring you joy. 

Create storage solutions

When decluttering your home, it makes sense to create storage solutions to keep your remaining items organised. Storage containers, shelves, drawers and hooks can help to keep your belongings tidy and easily accessible. You’ll be able to find the things you need much more easily in future. Furthermore, storage solutions can also maximise the space in your home, making it feel larger and more comfortable. 

Declutter regularly 

Decluttering is an ongoing process rather than a one-time event. Since clutter can easily build up again over time as you acquire new possessions, receive gifts, or hold onto items for sentimental reasons, you’ll need to make it a habit to declutter and organise your space regularly. Set aside time every few months or so to assess the clutter in specific areas of your home. This will allow you to keep on top of the clutter in your home so that it doesn’t become unmanageable.

Should-I-hire-a-skip-when-moving-houseHire a skip

Hiring a skip can be a good move when decluttering your home. Skip hire allows you to dispose of large quantities of unwanted items in one go. Instead of making several trips to the local tip, you can simply toss them into the skip and have them taken away once you’re finished. If you have a lot of items to get rid of, hiring a skip is well worth it. 

Skip hire in Rotherham

To hire a skip for your decluttering project, look no further than Beta Skips. We specialise in skip hire in Rotherham, supplying skips of all sizes to domestic and commercial customers throughout the area. Whether you’re decluttering your loft or garage in order to create extra storage space, or your whole house in advance of moving somewhere new, we have a skip to suit your needs. What’s more is that we can deliver it right away, possibly even on the very same day. 

Keep in mind that you might need a permit if you plan on placing the skip on a public road or pavement. However, if you do, we can help you with this, liaising with your local council in order to obtain the permit as quickly as possible. If you’ll be putting the skip on your private property, such as your driveway or in your garden, you won’t require a permit.

What’s great about hiring one of our skips when decluttering your home is that you can put almost anything into it. You can throw items made of plastic, paper, metal, and wood into a skip, as well as various waste materials. If there’s something you can’t put into a skip, we’re more than happy to suggest alternative disposal methods to help you get rid of items conveniently and safely. 

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