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Skip Permits: What are they and why do I need one?

Posted on 1 September 2022

Hiring a skip makes life much easier. Whatever project you’re undertaking – be it DIY in the home or landscaping your garden – you save yourself time and money when you hire a skip. One aspect of skip hire which can put some people off, however, is the mention of permits.

In this month’s article, we’ll be talking to you about skip permits, including whether you need one in the first place. How to get one and whether it costs you more money. Please bear in mind that this is a rough guide since many areas have different rules.

Do I need a skip permit?Skip Hire in Barnsley

The answer to this question depends on where exactly you’re planning on having your skip placed. If the skip you hire is going to be situated on your property, i.e. your driveway or garden, then you don’t need a skip hire permit at all because you’re not blocking anyone’s path.

When you need to place a skip on the road, this is usually because you don’t have the space anywhere else. That’s when you are usually required to gain a permit from the local authorities.

The Highways Act 1980 dictates that you’ll be blocking traffic from at least one direction. A permit helps the authorities keep track of which roads feature such obstacles. Therefore, prevent key areas from being blocked such as alleyways or routes for emergency services.

How do I get a skip permit in Barnsley?

The Barnsley region is covered by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council. Under their rules, your skip hire operator must obtain a skip hire permit before placing a skip. Https:// the local highways.

How do I get a skip permit in Doncaster?

A private individual cannot gain a permit for skip hire in Doncaster. According to Doncaster Council, your skip hire operator must get the permit – it’s illegal to place skip before getting the permit.

Cheap Skips In BarnsleyHow do I get a skip permit in Rotherham?

Similarly, Rotherham Council requires that your skip supplier be the one to gain the necessary permit when placing a skip on the roads. You should always check your supplier has the permit before they deliver the skip.

How much does a skip permit cost?

When it comes to hiring a skip, the cost is everything. With a skip permit, a lot will again depend on your location as different areas may be subject to different charges. However, that being said, at Beta Skips we can arrange a permit for you and add the charge to the skip price.

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