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Can I put household waste into a skip? [ Infographic ]

Posted on 2 August 2022

Are you having a clear-out and looking for a way to dispose of rubbish easily and safely? If so, you may be wondering “Can I put household waste into a skip?”. The good news is that domestic skips are a great way to get rid of rubbish at home. You can throw a huge range of items into skips, from food scraps and cardboard packaging to plastic and glass bottles. Read on to find out more. 

Can I put household waste into a skip?

What is household waste?

Household waste refers to rubbish that is produced in the home environment. Most of it is non-hazardous, which means it’s usually fine to be disposed of in domestic skips. Materials like food scraps, paper, plastic, cardboard and glass bottles can all be composted or recycled, ensuring they don’t cause damage to the environment when handled correctly by a reputable skip hire company. This means that the answer to “Can I put household waste into a skip?” is normally yes. However, whilst most household waste is acceptable, there are some exceptions to the rule. 

What can’t be put into a skip?

A few items aren’t allowed to be put into skips. This is usually due to them having a hazardous impact on the environment or because they require extra work to dispose of. Prohibited items include:

  • Electrical appliances. Electrical equipment can’t go in skips due to the WEE directive. This means that items such as fridges, freezers, and televisions will need to go to a registered WEEE recycling facility. If you’ve bought a new item, you could always check to see if the retailer offers a trade-in service for your old appliance.
  • Large batteries. Since batteries are classified as hazardous waste, you can’t simply put them in a skip alongside your normal household waste. The harmful chemicals inside the batteries such as mercury and lead can impact the environment if they end up in a landfill. Instead, take them to a recycling centre or put them into a dedicated collection box at supermarkets.

What else can’t be put into skips?

  • Fluorescent bulbs. Since these bulbs contain hazardous materials such as mercury, they can’t go in skips. So, if you’ve come across some other bulbs whilst having a clear-out and need to dispose of them, you’ll need to take them to your local recycling centre.
  • Plasterboard. You may have plasterboard to dispose of if you’ve carried out building work at home. The bad news is that you can’t throw this material into a skip alongside household waste. This is because it emits hydrogen sulphide gas that can be very dangerous. Some skip hire companies will take it if it’s the other form of waste in the skip.
  • Medical waste. If you have items such as needles and sharps, expired drugs or medicines, contaminated PPE or used dressings to dispose of, a skip isn’t the answer. The reason they can’t be put into skips is that they can be hazardous for the skip operators. Fortunately, most councils will be happy to arrange a clinical waste collection to allow you to dispose of them safely.
  • Fuels, solvents and paints. Since these items are hazardous, they must never be disposed of in a skip. They are combustible in some cases and can result in serious chemical burns. The only exception is paint which is completely dry as it poses no risk.
  • Tyres. Classified as hazardous waste, tyres can’t go in a skip. When your car needs new tyres, ask the garage to dispose of the old ones for you. Some tyre companies may also be able to take them away for a small charge.

The benefits of hiring domestic skips in Rotherham

More and more people are hiring domestic skips in Rotherham when they want to dispose of household rubbish conveniently and safely. Hiring a skip is far easier than piling all the waste into your car and visiting your local tip. Not only is it less arduous and time-consuming but it also means your vehicle’s interiors won’t be damaged by dirty, smelly rubbish. Hiring a skip from the leading skip hire firm Beta Skips is a far better option. We’ve been supplying skips in the Rotherham area for many years, building a great reputation for our professional, affordable service. 

Skip Hire in RotherhamSkips available in all sizes 

Whether you’re clearing out your attic or renovating your kitchen, Beta Skips can assist with waste disposal. We can supply skips in a wide range of sizes, from small mini skips to builders skips and even huge RORO skips for those larger jobs. We can provide a same day service in many cases, ensuring that you don’t need to wait to begin getting rid of your household rubbish. Road permits can also be arranged if required, making sure you don’t get into trouble with your local council.

An eco-friendly service 

Protecting the environment has never been more important. Therefore, it’s important to choose a skip hire company that prides itself on its eco-friendly waste management services. At Beta Skips, we have a zero waste to landfill policy to ensure that the maximum amount of waste possible is recycled rather than being directed to a landfill. When you hire us to get rid of your rubbish, you can limit your carbon footprint, helping to protect the world in which you live. 

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