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Is it convenient to hire a skip?

Posted on 31 August 2020

Whether you’re doing a little DIY or revamping the whole garden, dealing with the mounting waste can be a headache. Rather than going back and forth to the tip, it may actually be far more convenient – and cost-effective – to hire a skip.

If you’re unsure if a skip is right for your project, then read on. In this article we cover what makes a skip hire service so convenient and how it can help your home project run smoothly from start to finish.



6 Reasons Why Skip Hire is a Good ChoiceFull Skip

There are multiple reasons why skip hire is convenient to the average homeowner. Here are a few reasons to help you consider whether this route is right for you.


  • Road permits arranged on your behalf: A big deterrence for some people is thinking they have to complete paperwork and arrange road permits themselves for their hired skip. Actually, many trusted skip hire companies will arrange road permits on your behalf – saving you time and hassle, and ensuring you stay on the right side of the law.


  • Saves you trips to the tip: If you feel your stress levels rising at the mere thought of loading up your car for a trip to the tip – and, worse, having to make repeated visits – then skips can save you a lot of time. Having a skip at your home where you can safely load all your waste in one place and in one go, is the ultimate convenience – as is the fact that the whole lot will be collected from your home when you’re finished using it.


  • Cost-effective: Making trips to the tip can not only be time-consuming, but can also be a money drain too, especially if you have to hire out specialist vehicles to accommodate the amount of waste you need to transport. You may find that a skip is therefore not only more time-effective, but also more cost-effective.


  • Drop-off and pick-up directly from your home: Skip hire companies are reliable choices, as they will arrange directly with you when to drop off the skip at your home and when to pick up the filled vessel. This means you get an effective waste management solution that works for your time schedule.


  • A range of skip sizes to suit your needs and budgets: For flexibility, skip hire companies will offer a choice of skip sizes to adapt to the scope of your project. So, if you’re only embarking on a kitchen refurb, a smaller skip with a smaller price tag will be available to you. Whereas, if you’re planning a huge home makeover, larger skips are available to accommodate the larger amounts of waste produced.


  • Boosts green credentials: Some skip hire companies, such as Beta Skips, have a zero waste to landfill policy which means that all your waste gets recycled and virtually none will be sent to landfill. This makes it an eco-friendly option that you can be proud of.

Here at Beta Skips, we make skip hire simple. Thanks to a prompt, professional hire service, you can have an affordable skip on a schedule that suits you. We also have a number of different skip sizes available so you can select exactly the right size for your type of project. Our experts operate across Rotherham, Mexborough and Barnsley – for some friendly advice or a quotation, please get in touch today.

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