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10 things to get rid of before moving house

Posted on 28 October 2020

Moving house is challenging enough without bringing years of unused items along for the ride. Not only will these objects clutter up your new home, but they’ll add hours onto packing and unpacking time at either end.

The process of moving is actually the best possible occasion to declutter and throw out those unused, long-forgotten items that really don’t serve you anymore. In this article, we’ll take a look at ten key things to get rid of before moving – and we’re betting you can think of even more!

Open cardboard boxes with books, tape and scissors


What should you get rid of before a move?

  • Broken appliances and electronics: Chances are, if you haven’t mended them in the past few years, you’re never going to. Instead it’s time to bid them farewell, as they’re better off not weighing you down during the move.
  • Unworn clothes: Any items languishing in your wardrobe that don’t fit anymore, are worn, stained, damaged, or simply don’t suit you, need to either be donated or disposed of. Clothes can be unexpectedly heavy during transportation, so it’s definitely worth paring down the amount you bring.
  • Expired medicines and foods: It may be tempting to sweep the contents of your dry food and medicine cupboards into a moving box, but it’s worth taking some time to check for expiration dates. Both expired foods and medicines can be dangerous to consume, so it’s better to be safe than sorry by disposing of these items before somebody uses them at your new home.
  • Old toys: You may have to consult with the kids on this one. Allow yourself and your child to keep a couple of old toys for sentimental value, but be ruthless with other items. After all, there is no point keeping a play kitchen or doll’s house when your children are in their teens.
  • Furniture: Consider whether the furniture you have is suitable for the style you have planned for your new pad. You may decide it’s time for a refresh if it’s outdated or worn. Another thing to mull over, especially if you’re downsizing, is whether your current furniture will fit in your new place. For example, a huge three piece sofa isn’t likely to slot neatly into a small apartment’s living room – in which case, deal with it before it makes it into the removals van.
  • Linens and towels: Many households accumulate an excess of linens, bed clothes and towels over the years. Rifle through and make sure it’s all in good condition and regularly used by your family. Any pieces which haven’t seen light of day for months should be thrown away. You may also want to think twice about faded or worn towels and bedding, instead opting for fresh items for your new home.
  • Things in the garage: Many garages become a dumping ground for a family’s miscellaneous items. Dedicate a day to clear out your garage, thinking about what you’re likely to need at your new place.
  • Cassettes, Videos, CDs and DVDs: In the modern age, many people no longer possess a DVD player – let alone a cassette player! If you own many obsolete forms of media that never get played, it’s time to donate them or dispose of them safely.
  • Hobby items: If your bedroom is teetering with books that never got read, or cluttered with an old paint set which you only opened once, it’s time to donate or dispose. Long-forgotten hobbies can take up a surprising amount of room in our homes, so it’s always worth giving yourself a fresh start before a move.
  • Mismatched mugs and crockery: Does your kitchen cupboard look a little jumbled? Naturally, as crockery breaks or is gifted to us over the years, it can all end up a little mismatched. Now is the time to sort the wheat from the chaff and give your crockery an overhaul.

What should I do with it all?

First, investigate if any of it can be donated to charity or sold on. Chances are, though, much of it will need to be disposed of. Instead of filling up countless bin bags and taking numerous trips to the tip, consider hiring out a skip. This is a time-effective and cost-effective way to give your home a clearout before a move. Here at Beta Skips, we’ll help you choose a skip size that’s suitable for your needs, and then dispose of and collect the skip at a convenient time for you.


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