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Where does all my rubbish go? [Infographic]

Posted on 7 January 2022

Have you hired a skip to get rid of household or commercial waste? If so, you may be wondering “Where does all my rubbish go?” This is a common question, with many people unsure what exactly happens to their junk after a skip hire company takes it away. Read on to find out more. 

Where does all my rubbish go? [infographic]

What happens to skip waste?

What happens to rubbish after you dump it in a skip largely depends on the company you use. This is because all skip hire companies have different waste management procedures to follow. Most will take the rubbish to a waste transfer station in the first instance so that they can sort and separate it into different categories. 

The waste will then go for recycling, to a hazardous waste facility, or to a landfill. At Beta Skips, we ensure that we recycle as much rubbish as possible, with our team disposing of it in the most eco-friendly manner. Unfortunately, some less ethical companies take skip waste directly to a landfill site – a practice we call fly-tipping. 

What happens at a waste transfer station?

Waste transfer stations are a vital part of the journey of waste. Skip hire companies take it here after collecting it, after which it goes through a process of sorting and separation before moving to another facility. Often, it’s recycled, demolished, or sent to a landfill.

Upon arrival at the waste transfer station, we placed it on the weighbridge to assess how much of it there is. We then tip it before quickly reassigning the skip for use on another job. Next, we sort the rubbish according to various factors, including its type, size, recyclability, and how hazardous it is. 

The waste goes through a number of different processes at this stage, using various equipment to segregate it effectively. Some companies use trammels (rotating mesh screens) to separate different sizes of debris, blowers to blow any light waste into a separate area, and strong magnets to extract metals. Sometimes, we use manual sorting, often when specific recyclable materials require separating.

This sorting process is essential since it helps to establish what will happen to waste and whether or not it is suitable for reuse. Once sorted, the waste goes to its next destination. Whilst recycling is strongly preferable, sometimes landfill is a last resort.

What happens to sorted skip waste?

Many people think that the items they throw into skips in Rotherham and Barnsley have no use. However, they are often more useful than they realise. Recyclable materials such as plastic, paper, and metals are suitable for recycling, ensuring that they don’t go to a landfill where they can cause harm to the environment. If you’re wondering “Where does all my rubbish go?”, keep reading.

Types Of Waste

  • Metal. Scrap metal is in high demand. At the waste transfer station, we sort it into different metal types before being recycling it and turning it into new items.
  • Paper. We separate the paper into a number of different types and grades. We then wash the paper to remove ink, as well as plastic film, glue, and staples. Finally, we leave the paper to dry before rolling it up ready to be cut and made into new products.
  • Garden waste. Many types of garden waste can be recycled, including grass and hedge cuttings, flowers, bark, leaves, plants, small branches and twigs, and even weeds. It can be sent on to specialist facilities where it is turned into compost for garden and landscaping projects.
  • Building waste. Bricks, concrete and glass can be recycled, often crushed to create a material that’s used as a sub-base material for future building projects. Keep in mind that you usually can’t put plasterboard in a skip. This is because this material, which is also known as gypsum or drywall, contains high levels of sulphates. So, when it is disposed of alongside general waste, it reacts to create hydrogen sulphide.
  • Plastics. Many types of plastics can be recycled. Recycling usually occurs mechanically, going through a process of sorting, cleaning shredding, melting, and remoulding. However, every time it goes through this process, the quality degrades. This is because the polymer chains break down, decreasing the tensile strength and viscosity and making it harder to process. As a result, most plastics can only be recycled a few times before eventually ending up in a landfill.

Why is ethical waste disposal so important?

When hiring commercial or domestic skips in Rotherham or Mexborough, it’s important to choose a company that prides itself on its green credentials. At Beta Skips, we aim to recycle as much of the waste we collect as possible. We aim to prevent large amounts of rubbish from reaching the landfill due to the harmful effects the decomposition gases can cause to the environment. It takes a long time for rubbish to decompose in landfills, with some plastic items taking over 1000 years.  

When you choose Beta Skips for skip hire in Rotherham or Mexborough, you can rest assured that we’ll dispose of your waste in the most ethical manner. Once we remove the waste, we will issue you with a destruction certificate. This is to demonstrate that we have disposed of the waste correctly. 

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