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Data shredding – what is it and why is it important?

Posted on 18 January 2019

2018 was the year in which every business – if they weren’t already – became aware of GDPR and their role in protecting customers’ data. From online records to data shredding, the emphasis was on ensuring that any information kept about transactions, accounts and duplicate copies were kept safe from prying eyes.

So what is data shredding and why is it so important? Firstly, data shredding is the best way of destroying your paper records, allowing you to physically delete personal data held at your company or business where requested as part of GDPR or otherwise.


Why data shredding is important

  • It keeps you compliant with GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation, an EU directive, landed last year after much counting down. Briefly, the regulation seeks to protect people’s data, particularly when their details are held physically or digitally by a company, ensuring they aren’t misused or put in the hands of unauthorised persons.

    Data shredding helps you keep on top of your physical documents, shredding them in a legally compliant manner. If you’re found to be in breach of these regulations, you could find yourself with fines of hundreds of thousands of pounds.


  • Make space – Ringing in a new year by sorting out your paperwork and filing means you’re set up for the 12 months of business ahead. Through secure data shredding, you can dispose of old documents and give your office or business premises a good clear out – removing a potential fire hazard. Not only does this make your business more organised, but it also presents a much better look for any potential clients or visitors when your space is decluttered.


  • Reduce costs – If your documents aren’t cluttering up your office, then they’re probably costing you in terms of storage. Many companies keep boxes loaded with documents at dedicated storage facilities, but unless they are absolutely essential, they’re simply a drain on your business. Remove this cost from your budget by having the paperwork shredded and recycled.


  • Protect yourself – Not only does shredding documents via a comprehensive service ensure your clients and customers are kept safe, but it also protects you. Having important billing, accounts and other sensitive data left lying around only leaves you open to attack. This can even include corporate espionage if you have competitors who would utilise underhand tactics to steal clients or hack your personal accounts.


  • Trust signal – Being a proactive company which takes care of their customers’ and clients’ details is a positive sign for those weighing up which company to go with. Put yourself in their shoes: would you rather use a company who secures and destroys your personal data once it is no longer required, or one which holds onto them indefinitely?


At Beta Skips, we provide fully audited data shredding at our recycling centre, providing you with data destruction certificates so that you can be certain your documents have been destroyed, keeping your compliant with the law.

To learn more about the service we offer and how your business can benefit from the collection and destruction of your paper documents in Rotherham, Barnsley, Mexborough and the surrounding areas, simply contact our professional team today.

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