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Should I use a skip or the tip?

Posted on 5 February 2024

If you have a large amount of waste to dispose of, you may be wondering “Should I use a skip or a tip?”. These are two common options for rubbish disposal in the UK, and each comes with its own set of advantages. Read on to find out whether you should opt for a skip or tip for your project.

Understanding skips and tips What skip size do i Need?

Before we take a look at what to consider when deciding whether to use a skip or a tip, let’s consider what they both are. Whilst skips and tips are both popular methods of rubbish disposal, there are some key differences between them. 


Skips are sizable metal containers designed to hold various types of domestic and commercial waste. They’re usually available in different sizes to accommodate all volumes of rubbish, ranging from small 4-yard mini skips to huge 40-yard enclosed skips. The skip hire company delivers it to your site promptly, sometimes the same or next day. Then, once full, it takes it away to dispose of it conveniently, safely and ethically. 


Tips are sites where waste is collected and managed. Usually operated by local authorities, they have designated containers for various types of waste. For instance, there might be separate containers for general household waste, green waste, construction waste, and recyclable waste like plastics, paper and glass. This ensures that materials are handled, recycled, and disposed of appropriately.

Skip or tip? Key factors to consider 

There are a number of factors to consider when asking “Should I use a skip or a tip?”. These range from the type and volume of waste to the level of convenience you’re seeking. 

  • Type of waste. Whilst skips and tips are both great options for waste disposal, they may have different rules regarding the types of waste they accept. For example, some hazardous materials might be suitable for one option but not the other, influencing your choice based on the waste you need to dispose of. With skips, you can throw nearly all types of rubbish into them, with a few exceptions. 
  • Volume of waste. Think about how much waste you need to dispose of. If you only have a very small quantity of rubbish to get rid of, a trip to a tip might be feasible. However, for larger volumes, it makes sense to hire a skip. Skips come in various sizes, allowing you to dispose of all quantities of waste effectively. 
  • Convenience. If you’re looking for a highly convenient way to dispose of rubbish, look no further than a skip. When you hire a skip, you’ll have a container on-site to throw rubbish into throughout the project. The skip will be taken away once it’s full. Comparatively, tips require you to transport waste yourself, often requiring multiple trips. This can be incredibly arduous and time-consuming. 
  • Cost. Transporting rubbish to the local tip can be costlier than you think, especially when factoring in expenses beyond fuel costs. Consider additional expenses like the time and effort involved in making multiple trips, disposal fees at the tip, and any charges for specific types of waste. Whilst hiring a skip might have upfront costs, it could potentially be more cost-effective, especially for larger volumes of waste. 

Domestic Skip Hire Rotherham

Is a skip or tip right for my project?

Whilst both skips and tips are valid ways to dispose of rubbish from both domestic and commercial projects, you’ll find that in many cases a skip is the best solution. This is because it offers a highly convenient and efficient way to get rid of waste, especially for larger volumes or ongoing projects. With a skip located on your premises, you can simply throw the rubbish into a container, eliminating the need to make multiple trips to a tip. Whether you’re embarking on a small project at home or a large commercial or industrial project that’s likely to generate a huge quantity of waste, a skip is likely to be the best option. 

Hire domestic or commercial skips in Rotherham

Now you know the answer to “Should I use a skip or a tip?”, you may be looking to find a local skip hire service. If so, look no further than Beta Skips. We’ve been providing domestic and commercial skips in Rotherham and the surrounding areas for many years, building a great reputation for our professional service and highly affordable prices. We offer skips in a wide range of sizes, ensuring that we can cater to the needs of your project. Whether you need a small 4-yard skip for a home renovation project or an attic clear-out, or a larger skip for commercial building work, we can assist. We can deliver your skip promptly, possibly even on the very same day if you need it urgently. 

At Beta Skips, we’re more than happy to assist you with obtaining a skip permit if necessary. We’ll liaise with your local council on your behalf, acquiring the permit as quickly as we can so that you can begin disposing of the rubbish on your site. What’s more is that with some of the most competitive skip hire prices in the region, getting rid of your waste easily and efficiently doesn’t have to cost the earth. Talk to us about how we can assist with your rubbish disposal requirements. 

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