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Should I use a skip or the tip?

Posted on 19 September 2018

Trying to figure out if you should use a skip or the local tip? There are plenty of arguments for each when it comes to disposing of your waste, so we’re going to look at each factor and pit the two options against each other, helping you to decide which best suits your requirements.


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Which is more convenient?

Convenience is king for a lot of people. We’d rather be spending time with our family or on the projects at hand rather than ferrying waste around.

A skip makes life a lot easier when it comes to getting rid of waste; whether it’s from a bathroom refit or from landscaping work, you can focus on getting the job done and let a skip hire company take care of legally and responsibly getting rid of the waste – it’s less physical work for you, too.

If you elected to take the waste to a local authority site you’d no doubt have to make multiple journeys, adding a lot of time onto the total length of any project. It also means doing a lot of extra manual labour loading and unloading the car.

Winner: Skip


Which one takes your waste type?

Knowing that you can get rid of all the different waste streams which arise from any project can be a weight off your mind, especially if you have a variety of materials to dispose of.

When it comes to a skip, you can get rid of a wide variety of materials, but there are certain hazardous materials which you won’t be able to dispose of in a skip for environmental reasons. You can find out more about which items aren’t accepted in skips here.

A local authority site has different avenues for your less common materials, but not all sites accept all items, so it can be difficult to know whether they’ll even take the most basic waste types accepted in skips.

Winner: Skip


Which one is the least messy?

The last thing anyone wants after tackling a home DIY project is to wrestle with mess. We all like to keep our property clean and tidy, so what’s the cleanest way to get rid of waste?

Choosing a skip is a much more contained way of getting rid of waste materials; it’s not left on the ground in messy piles and therefore doesn’t pose a risk to anyone. Once the waste is gone, it’s gone – you might need to sweep away any dust or residual material if you had to wheelbarrow waste out to a skip on the road, but that’s pretty much it.

Taking your waste to the local authority could add extra chores onto an already arduous task. Not only will you have waste piled up and spilling about your property, but also it will mean your car needs cleaning once you’re done ferrying dusty, grimy and mucky materials around in it.

Winner: Skip


Which one is most cost-effective?

If you’re spending money renovating your home or garden, the last thing you want is more expenditure.

When you hire a skip, it’s important to book the right size skip – which you can learn more about here – so that you don’t waste money. Once you have the perfect skip size, that’s the only cost involved.

In comparison, you can forgo the cost of a skip by using your local tip site, but the number of trips you take will likely impact how cost-effective this approach is. In addition to fuel costs, you may need to take more time off work to complete a project because of all the journeying and, if you opt to have your car cleaned thoroughly afterwards, it can start to add up in terms of cost.

Winner: Tie


If you’re looking for a convenient, efficient and reliable way to dispose of the waste from your project, look no further than skip hire from Beta Skips. As licensed waste carriers, we can ensure a smooth delivery and collection of a skip to suit your needs, giving you more time to focus on the work at hand and less mess to deal with.

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