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Should I hire a skip when moving house?

Posted on 1 November 2022

Moving house is an exciting time, however, it can also be extremely stressful. Whether you’ve been in your home for 12 months or 12 years, chances are that you have accumulated a great deal of stuff. It’s not until you start clearing out your cupboards and drawers that you realise just how many items you own. Since you’ll probably want to get rid of many of these, you may be wondering “Should I hire a skip when moving house?” Skip hire can provide an easy and convenient means of disposing of items that you don’t want to take with you to your new house. Read on to find out more.

5 reasons to hire a skip when moving house 

Increasingly, home movers are choosing to hire a skip to get rid of their unwanted items. Skip hire is a much better option than other methods of disposal. Including a man with a van who may not hold a waste carrier licence or taking your rubbish to the tip yourself and ruining the interior of your car. Keep reading to learn why you should hire a skip when moving house. 

ConvenientAbout Us Betaskips

Skip hire is extremely convenient. The skip will be delivered to your home quickly. Sometimes even the same day. Allowing you to start disposing of large amounts of rubbish right away. You won’t need to leave your premises to start getting rid of your unwanted items. Rather than having to load up your car with rubbish and drive to your nearest tip, you can simply put it into a skip for someone else to deal with.

What’s great is that with skip hire you don’t need to worry about sorting your rubbish into different categories like you do when taking it to the tip. You can throw it all into a skip and then it will be categorised later on at the waste transfer station. This makes it a much less time-consuming and arduous task for you. 


Getting rid of rubbish when moving house can quickly become an expensive task if you’re not careful. Hiring a man with a van to get rid of your unwanted possessions can be costly. Especially if he’s making multiple trips. Skip hire is a much more cost-effective option since it allows you to dispose of everything you don’t want in one go, for a set price. 

What’s more is that many people are surprised at just how affordable it is to hire a skip. According to Checkatrade, a mini skip costs £105 on average. Whilst a midi skip is £190 and a maxi skip £305. These prices vary depending on the provider and area. However, when you think about just how much rubbish you can fit into a skip, you’ll agree these prices are very reasonable indeed. At Beta Skips, we’re well known for our competitive skip hire prices.


Most skip companies offer both short and long-term hire. Whilst a typical hire period is around a week to 10 days, providers are quite flexible regarding when they collect your skip. As long as you give them sufficient notice. So, if you’ve agreed to hire a skip for seven days but need longer to clear all your rubbish, you may be able to change and extend this time limit for a longer period. This gives you more time to sort through all your belongings and decide what you want to dispose of and what you want to keep. 



When we’re asked “Should I hire a skip when moving house?”, we always remind people of the eco-friendly benefits of skip hire. Hiring a skip is one of the environmentally friendly waste disposal methods. Since it ensures as little of it as possible ends up in a local landfill. 

At Beta Skips, we transport all our clients’ rubbish to our waste transfer station where it is carefully sorted by our team. Any reusable items are separated and the recyclable waste is then routed to the correct recycling facilities. We use facilities as close as possible to our own site. Allowing us to minimise our carbon footprint. We also closely track our waste goes and make sure we only work with recycling partners we know we can trust. 

Encourages a big clear out

When you hire a skip before moving house, you’ll be much more likely to dispose of items you no longer need or want. With the skip right on your doorstep, all you need to do is step outside and throw them in. This means there will be much less clutter to take with you to your new home. In comparison, if you need to make several trips to the tip, this could deter you from getting rid of them.  

Hire skips in Rotherham

To hire a skip for your house move, look no further than Beta Skips. We’re a local skip hire company with a great reputation throughout the area. We offer domestic skips in various sizes, including 4-yard and 6-yard skips ideal for house moves. We can usually offer a same-day service. Which means you won’t need to wait longer to start getting rid of your unwanted items. If you need to place your skip on a road or pavement outside your house, we can assist with obtaining a permit for this.

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