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5 Reasons to Declutter Your Office Space

Posted on 14 April 2020

Decluttering an office is not only beneficial for your staff’s morale but is a great way to retain clients and entice new clients too! This month, Beta Skips are going to explain how hiring a skip for an office cleanout could help large office spaces.

Woman Tidying Up Office Desk

1. Great first impression

A messy office will not impress clients. Messy surroundings will encourage clients to believe that the company is disorganised – which is certainly not what you want to portray. Losing a client’s trust over a cluttered office space is avoidable, so it’s time to get everything ship-shape in order to ‘wow’ old and new clients. 

Broken items, excess boxes, chairs, sofas and other furniture needs to go! Anything that you’ve been hoarding, albeit in a designated room, hidden in cupboards or plonked in the corner, should go straight into the skip. Having ample space to place unwanted and unused objects is a good start to clearing out a large office.


2. Increases motivation

Having information and notes readily available will ensure employees maintain their momentum, especially when they’re in the middle of a project. Having to stop part-way through in order to find something can slow the process down and cause tasks to take much longer.

A neat and tidy desk will lessen distractions and keep your staff working to their full potential. To increase motivation, have paper shredders close by, encourage recycling and cleaning and hire a skip for a big clear-out – employees will be able to clear their desks of general rubbish they’ve gained over the years.

3. Less sick days 

Janitor cleaning white desk in modern office

A desk filled with books, cups, mugs, food wrappers, novelty toys and other items, can cause a build-up of dust, crumbs and spillages, which leads to sticky desks and the growth of bacteria. 

If you’ve ever wondered why a worker has so many sick days, it could be to do with their working environment. Keeping a work station free from dust and dirt will keep employees healthy at work.

It’s likely that staff will have less sick days if desks are kept clutter-free and are disinfected regularly.

4. Tidy space – fewer mistakes

If you’ve ever left a post-it on the corner of your computer screen and had it fall off into the rest of the paperwork on your desk, you will understand that reminders can easily become missed. A messy desk can lead to mistakes, so it’s important to file away paperwork and throw out any paperwork that’s no longer needed, into a skip.

5. Minimalism = modern company

If you’re a digital agency, clients expect to see a modern office, not one with hundreds of filing cabinets. Having a minimalist approach in a large office space will reassure clients of the companies’ transparency and will show them the company is organised, switched-on and knows how to backup files securely in a digital format.


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