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What is the difference between a domestic skip and a commercial skip? 2

Posted on 1 June 2021

Hiring a skip is an incredibly useful way to get rid of rubbish in both domestic and commercial settings. Once the skip has been delivered to your home or business premises, you can throw your unwanted items into it to dispose of them safely and efficiently. However, you might be wondering what is the difference between a domestic skip and a commercial skip and which is right for you. Read on to find out more.

Skip size

Skip hire in Rotherham

When considering what is the difference between a domestic skip and a commercial skip, you may immediately think of skip size. Usually, commercial skips are bigger, starting at around eight cubic yards. The reason for this is that rubbish disposal requirements in commercial settings are often much greater, with more waste produced by projects. At Beta Skips, we provide a range of commercial skips up to around 20-40 cubic yards in size. These are huge Roll On Roll Off skips and can accommodate around 170 bags of rubbish. Domestic projects tend to generate far less waste and so usually require smaller skips.

You can incur extra costs if you hire the wrong size skip for your project. If it’s too big, you’ll spend more money than you need to. If it’s too small, you may need to hire another skip or to meet your rubbish removal needs. Be aware that filling a skip too high is against the law and your skip hire company is with their rights to refuse to take the waste. This means you’ll need to find an alternative means of getting rid of your rubbish. 

All skips should have a fill line that shows the safe level to fill it up to. If you exceed this line, you may overload the skip. You could even face a fine for not complying with strict regulations. If you’re not sure which size skip you require for your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We have a fantastic selection of skips in Rotherham and Barnsley, ensuring we can cater to all requirements.

Skip usage

What is the difference between a domestic skip and a commercial skip?

After size, the main difference between a domestic skip and a commercial skip is usage. Whilst domestic skips are ideal for use at home, for example for disposing of rubbish after DIY work or decluttering your attic or garage, commercial skips are better suited to larger jobs that generate more waste. Since these skips are bigger in size, they are great for use on building sites. They can accommodate significant quantities of bricks, blocks, concrete, and soil. 

Commercial skips are also useful for tasks such as moving offices and for the clearing of old stock. Of course, if you don’t expect your commercial project to produce much waste, there’s nothing stopping you from using a smaller skip that’s usually used in domestic settings.

Keep in mind that there are some items that can’t be placed in either domestic or commercial skips. These include asbestos and plasterboard. Paint is also prohibited since it’s considered a toxic material. If paint cans are empty or completely dry, you can put them into a skip. If you need to get rid of these items when disposing of rubbish, we recommend contacting your local council for advice. 

Licencing requirements

One of the lesser-known differences between domestic and commercial skips is licensing. When it comes to hiring domestic skips in Rotherham or Barnsley, you usually won’t need a licence. The reason for this is that they tend to be placed on a person’s own property, such as their private driveway or garden. You don’t need permission from the local council for this. In contrast, commercial skips are often positioned on public roads and so require a permit.

If you do need permission to hire a skip for your project, don’t delay applying for a permit. Arranging a skip permit usually takes a few days, so make sure you allow for this in your planning. You don’t want your skip to arrive when you don’t have the necessary licencing. In this case, you may face a fine from your local authority. Your project may be stopped too until you have acquired the correct permit, which can be very disruptive and costly. At Beta Skips, we are happy to arrange permits for you, removing the stress when it comes to beginning your project legally and safely. 

Skip hire prices

Price is a factor when considering the differences between domestic and commercial skip hire in Rotherham and Barnsley. After all, commercial skips tend to be larger in size than domestic skips and so generally cost more. A huge Roll on Roll off skip is likely to cost you significantly more than a four cubic yard mini skip. 

Hiring a smaller skip can seem tempting if you’re keen to save money on skip hire services. However, you need to be sure that it’s big enough for your rubbish disposal needs. If it’s not, you’re likely to face extra costs to get rid of the waste your project has generated. At Beta Skips, we always recommend choosing a larger skip than you think you’ll need. This ensures that if you do produce more waste than you expect, you can still dispose of it in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Beta Skips is renowned for supplying quality, affordable commercial and domestic skips in Rotherham and Barnsley. Our prices are highly competitive, with a value for money service always provided to our customers throughout the region. We aim to beat any price for the skip hire services you need.  

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