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The Benefits of Recycling – Make your resolution count!

Posted on 15 January 2018

We’re a few weeks into 2018 – so how are your New Year’s resolutions holding up? We’re sure that everyone will have done their best to recycle wrapping paper, glass bottles and cardboard boxes over the festive period, but have you or your company made “going green” a goal for the year ahead?

It can be tough to keep up your good intentions – we’ve all been there! – so this month, we’re listing the many benefits of recycling, helping to give motivation and focus to anyone who has decided to make the change for 2018.

May the following points inspire you and spur you on:



Recycling reduces the use of landfill sites

The most obvious example of how recycling benefits us is the lowered use of landfill sites. No one wants to live on a landscape made of other people’s waste, so it stands to reason that we should all be doing more to recycle our waste and reduce the need to leave waste festering in the ground.

An additional benefit of not needing landfill sites is that the land, which might previously have been earmarked for this use, can be put to a better use – including for homes, schools and other high-priority asset building projects.


Recycling helps to protect natural resources

If you use bags, bottles or cans made from recycled materials then you’ve already seen the benefit. These things require fewer virgin materials to be produced, meaning that we protect the natural resources and make the most of what we already have. There will always be some need to utilise natural resources, but recycling what we use reduces that need significantly.


Recycling can bring you cash benefits

While small, everyday amounts of plastic and paper won’t be worth baling and taking to a recycling facility, you could earn money for larger quantities of waste. Metals can be particularly valuable, so if you’re renovating a home and find copper or lead, simply segregate it from your usual waste and find your local waste collector or recycling facility. You should be able to earn some cash for any unwanted quantities of metals, card or plastics.


Recycling saves energy

While there is a clear expenditure of energy in recycling materials, it’s far less than would be used in the creation of brand new materials. This comes back to our point about recycling being better than using virgin resources. Sourcing, preparing and processing new materials will use more energy and will create more emissions – including materials being transported to and fro – than simply recycling something we already have. Additionally, the less energy we use, the less reliant on importing energy from overseas we’ll need to be as a country.


Hopefully these arguments for recycling, whether for your own benefit, the benefit of the country or the planet, have convinced you to keep up any green initiatives you’ve set yourself for 2018.

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